Friday, November 23, 2007

Fruity Loops 6.08 + patch

FruityLoops is a tool for making drum loops or songs with internal mixing and MIDI support. The resulting loops can be exported to a MIDI file or rendered to a WAV file to be used in sequencers or trackers, but its extended play list allows you to create full songs completely within the program. fruity loops also integrates a full bassline synth engine, called the TS404.

FruityLoops uses 44 KHz 32-bit stereo floating-point internal mixing with additional processing such as interpolation and click removal for even further enhanced quality. Internal mixing and MIDI are synchronized so they can be used at the same time.

FruityLoops has to been replaced by the more full featured and powerful FL Studio.


  • 16-bit 44 KHz stereo CD quality output (32-bit internal mixing)
  • External MIDI control
  • Unlimited number of channels
  • From 4 to 64 notes per pattern
  • Integrated TS-404 bassline
  • Integrated beat slicer (like Recycle)
  • Support for 8 (VST, VSTi & DirectX) FX tracks
  • Export to wav, mp3, MIDI file or clipboard
  • Uses both MIDI and DirectSound
  • Live wheel recording of all wheels/parameters
  • Integrated sample browser
  • Individual panning, volume, pitch, mix, ...
  • Full pan, vol, filter and pitch envelope and LFO support
  • Piano keyboard
  • Cool effects to alter the samples
  • Playlist allowing to mix several patterns
  • Nice layout (with moveable toolbars)
  • Skin support

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